Friday, July 01, 2005


It's funny how you can go four months without thinking very much about someone--long enough to obsess voluminously over a blog--and then suddenly you can't get them out of your mind.

I have a new cat, an orange tabby. He's young. I've been feeding him for a couple of days. Normally our old grey cat chases away the strays, but this one has been allowed to stay for some reason. Yesterday, young Michael came over to see if I would go fishing with him. It turns the orange cat was living with Michael for a week or so, but escaped and has been hanging out in my back yard. I call him Murkey Murphy Murcurio, but the name Michael gave him is Tiger. I might get to keep him.

Some kind of wasp is making a home on the inside of my window sill. It's one of those long, black flying insects with a mean looking stinger. Her home looks like a rigatoni noodle made out of mud; it's a slender tube with an opening at one end. I had to close my window during the day today because I didn't want her finishing the nest and living in my room. It's an amazing structure though, and must have taken a couple days to build: trip by trip with a mouthful of mud each time.

"The poison of the honey bee is the artist's jealousy"
-actually, I think it's a timberfly

It won't be my room for very much longer. My housemate's autistic son needs the space for his therapy which begins on Monday. This means I'll either be sleeping in a tent in the yard, or on an air mattress on the floor. My record collection is safely packaged and stored away.

So many signs: a stray cat comes into my life; a wasp makes a nest in the room I have been living in but will soon be vacating. I got some free CDs in the mail the other day from CBC for a contest I entered a month ago. Among them: the new Beck, and the High Dials. Maybe I'll start my CD collection over from scratch. The heat wave is supposed to be abating soon. Record highs for June. This is part of the price that we, and future generations will be paying for cars, glorious cars.


Mountain Mama said...

Hello Flatlander and thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back soon and pin my map.
I liked the poem too, but hadn't heard it as a hymn. I would like to.
I hope you can keep the new cat. Animals are special. I have two yorkies which I love dearly. Life would be very boring without them.
Happy blogging!~

Michael said...

I like the new beck cd. Its fun.
I am tempted to go buy the new gorillaz cd today.

It was 100 deg yesterday where I live in they say its triple digits through the weekend.

Give me spring and fall over summer any day.

flatlander said...

I especially like the old school jams like "Hell Yes" on the Beck CD, and the hommage to Prince, "Black Tambourine".

It has cooled off some today. I can't imagine what triple digit temps must be like.

Hope you're keeping cool!

Michael said...

at this moment it is 101 outside.
And they say more of the same for the weeknd.

Michael said...
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