Sunday, July 10, 2005

Fakiegrind's Merry Men

It's summer time, and our Fakie Agents are scattered far and wide, leaving tired ol' Flatlander to hold the fort. Kill-Joy is sweating it out on rooftops of the mid-west, but will be heading to the coast for a hopefully more air-conditioned post in a skate shop later this summer. Em is battling narcolepsy and dream-deprivation--not to mention massive skateboard withdrawal--in the town he calls home. Dr. Flavour is cultivating the love of wisdom while he plods away in the Big Smoke love of humanity racket. And the Endtime Adjuster, that egregious metaphysical malfunction, is off wandering the globe, investigating (or perhaps instigating) eschatological conspiracies and selling insurance.
As for Maid Marion, she done up and left--or maybe the Sheriff has her locked away in one of his dungeons. But we're hoping to hear from one or two new Fakie Agents in coming days.

So, in the immortal words of Buck 65, "Keep your eyes wide open".

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