Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Flavour has a PhD in philosophy, and is eager to answer your questions about free will, ontology, baseball or how best to open a sticky jar of pickles. Leave a comment with your question and he will almost certainly attempt to address your query.


Michael said...

In Plato’s writing of Symposium, he deconstructs love. He lays out several different terms/types of love applied. It’s been a while since I read the book, however, if my memory serves me right, the only love that Plato forgot to mention was agape love. The love of God.

In your opinion, are there any other types of love that Plato did not mention?
Or maybe there are new loves applied in today’s culture?

em said...

Are there things that are not lies, but not true? I'm thinking for example about what we tell children about life. We simplify because they wont otherwise understand in a way that will help them. When they get older they learn the "truth" and sometimes feel disolusionment.

True or False implies absolute duality. Is there a middle path? What are these things called, half-truths or well intentioned lies?

Help me, help you.

Michael said...

What is truth EM?
A lot of the time, what we perceive as truth is really relative as we see things through our filters, education, and culture. I have had to deal with this spiritually, and it wasn’t easy.
What I use to believe as absolute, I am not so sure anymore. That’s hard and scary at the same time.