Friday, July 08, 2005

Dream Catcher

I dreampt I found a baseball glove lying in the middle of an empty room.

It's strange, because I don't really follow baseball, and I've seldom ever played the game. In public school I was chewed-out by a gym teacher for throwing the bat after hitting a ball. I wasn't angry, just excited that I had finally made a hit. So I didn't get to run to base, and I think that the incident discouraged me (in the same way that farting in the middle of my first Judo class made me too embarrassed to ever go back).

It was so satisfying to have that big leather glove on my hand.


Anonymous said...

I don't like baseball much either but when you listen to a game lying down with your eyes closed and try to doze the cadence of the reporters telling us what is happening,the crack of the ball on the bat and all the periphery noises have a lulling effect.It's much easier to fall asleep listening to a baseball game than a hockey game.

flatlander said...

The only time I ever went to a hockey game, I almost fell asleep. During baseball games I require continual infusions of beer and hotdogs just to remain lucid. I'm not an orginized sports sort of person, but I see how dozing off to a game on the radio could be a rewarding experience.

em said...

I find exhaustion helps prevent dreaming. I don't want to dream.

The best part of baseball is sitting down in the outfield and wearing your glove as a hat.

flatlander said...

Hey Em

I don't really want you to dream either. Remember that time you dreampt about the giant caterpillar wrapping itself around the C.N.Tower, and the dream actually came to life due to your mutant dreaming abilities, and we had to call in the Giant Insect Extermination branch of the army, but they were covered in gelatinous slime, and so we had to have you dream of a giant can of Raid to kill the caterpillar, and the air in Toronto hasn't been the same since?

So you just stay exhuasted there, buddy, until we can perfect the adjustments on Dr. Flavour's dream dampener device (which actually looks like a baseball glove worn on the head), or we find some other way to harness the incredible power at the disposal of your uncanny subconsious mind.