Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Spinoza

Time's running out for Fakiegrind. Fakie intelligence has it that the DFC is on to us, and closing fast. I don't know how many posts I'll be able to get out before they shut us down, but they will never be able to squelch the backwards looking spirit of the Unholy Rollers known as Fakiegrind Agents!

I can't sign off without promoting Flatlander's signature rotational innovation: the Spinoza. In leiu of photos that might be used as evidence against us on the Bovine Phoneline, I'll describe the move textually.

1. Get frontside G-turns wired (an extended spiral turn on the front wheels of the board).

2. Practice body varials (jumping 180 degrees with the body only, so that you change to fakie stance while the board continues rolling forward).

3. Combine the G-turn with the body varial: when the board is at about the 270 degree mark of the G-turn, execute a fast and stylish body varial, thus replacing your front foot on the nose with your back one--but keep the board in the G-turn, i.e. with the back wheels still off of the ground. With your footing thus transposed, you will be in a position to complete the last 180 degrees of the turn as a simple backside rotation.

It's actually a pretty simple trick, but looks impressive, even baffling, to the untrained observer. You can do it on a ramp or incline, if so inclined. This trick works equally well with plaid or stripes, but I recommend a good pair of comfortable sneakers. Stay old!

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