Friday, June 24, 2005

Fakie Tunes

The Fakiegrind Summer Music Review is ready and available in limited quantities for sendout. If you supply your name/pseudonym and address we'll try to get a copy out to you before the Dairy Farmers catch on.


Belladonna said...

Hey your Summer Music Review has piqued my interest. Please email me a copy at:

Enjoy the blog! Keep it up.

I love mixed tapes said...

As much as we would like to distribute Sounds of Fakiegrind to the nations, we don't want to infringe on artist copywrites, and any kind of legitimate compilation would be far beyond the Fakiegrind promotional budget, so here is a list of the songs that could be seen as a sort of Soundtrack to Insanity:

Sounds of Fakiegrind

1 Nutrition -Dead Milkmen
2 Serrated Edge -Dead Milkmen
3 Darklands -Jesus & Mary Chain
4 Black Tambourine -Beck
5 Apache -Scratch Perverts
6 Dean's Dream -Dead Milkmen
7 Scarecrow -Beck
8 Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) -The Plugz
9 Right Wing Pigeons -Dead Milkmen
10 We Don't Stop -Michael Franti
11 Good Times -Buzy Bee & Funkmaster Flex
12 Emotional Weather Report -Tom Waits
13 O My God -Spearhead
14 Reel Ten -The Plugz
15 Love Me -The Cramps
16 Repo Man -Iggy Pop
17 When The Shit Hits The Fan -Circle Jerks
18 Sympathy For The Devil -(Neptune Remix)
19 Everyone Deserves Music -Michael Franti
20 The Secret Of Life -Dead Milkmen
21 Tugena -Dead Milkmen