Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fakie Mail

I installed the Fakiegrind mailbox over a week ago, and it's not getting much use. And that's cool. I'm sure that very soon the box will fill up with praise for our cutting edge rouletportage (that's French for 'skateblog'), our in-depth cultural analysis, and our subliminal rogue editing processes (get a job, you punk! -Dr. Phil). In a few days time I will probably be leaving a note on this page asking readers to hold off, since there are only so many hours in a day (especially when you spend most of them sleeping -Mom) and we can't be spending all our free time reading fanmail. Until then, however, drop us a line. We promise not to sell your e-address to the "Get Cheaper Meds" people, nor to send you any copies of the now ultra-rare collector's item Fakiegrind 3-D Newsletter.


Anonymous said...

Don't you have anything better to do on Saturday night than plead for e-mails on your pathetic blog? Why don't you at least join a web-group or somthing. At least then you could converse with live/fake web personalities!

flatlander said...

Who is more pathetic--the Saturday night blogger, or the Saturday night critic of the blog?

fake personality said...

The guy who makes up anonymous comments for his blog, then replies to himself would clearly be more pathetic than either of you.