Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Ancient shamanistic tradition has it that the world was brought into being by a suspension of disbelief. At some point God realized that, against all odds, he actually existed. The world was born in that instant he first believed in himself.


em said...

Then why am I still here?

scholastic sam said...

The shamans had an answer to this question, but because it was written in an archaic alphabet of glyphs, it took scholars some time to unravel this aspect of their mythos.

It seems that after the initial, accidental suspension of disbelief, God became unavoidably implicated in the world that he had brought into being. For this reason, transcendence of circumstance on the part of sentient creatures within creation cannot be achieved through negation, or disbelief, but only through a widening of the suspension of disbelief. Complete liberation is achieved when the imagination has expanded to such a degree that it believes in everything. Only then does one realize that everything is also nothing, and the world is transformed while one is yet in the midst of it.

There is another school of thought, however, that sees the shaman's glyphs as merely describing a tasty way of marinating Mastadon steaks.