Friday, May 13, 2005

deus ex macaroni


The Pope of Fakiegrind has interceded on our behalf to cut a deal with the Dariy Farmers of Canada. We will gain our proper banner title back providing that Flatlander returns all of the milk crates that he currently uses to house his record collection, and that Em writes a catchy new jingle for the Bovine Phone Line. We will also be required to help produce a "Drink Milk" television commercial similar to the one currently airing featuring skateboarders dressed like farmers and doing their radical tricks in a farmyard millieu. The difference will be that the skaters in the new commercial will be older, and doing more "retro" tricks; like 360s, bonelesses, and freestyle pogos. The skaters will be shown as fun-loving, but a bit doddering. "We are aiming at an older demographic of skater--the 30+ set--so as to promote milk as a palliative to the fading mojo and weaker skeletal systems of old schoolers" said the marketing spokesperson who met with The Pope. The site may, however, be forced to keep the sidebar "Milk" titles as a reminder, "not to mess with 'ol Bess".

Thanks Neil!

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