Thursday, May 12, 2005

conspiracy theory?

I recieved this message in the Fakiegrind mailbox earlier today:

Dear Fakiegrind:

The coalition of the Dairy Farmers of Canada has become aware of certain insinuations made in a statement published by one of the members of your blog collective. We aren't saying that the current encoding of the title icons on your page has anything to do with the blatantly false and misleading characterization of the DFC, but we're hoping you will strongly reconsider your position, as well as curtailing all future consumption of soya and rice-based milk substitutes. Our team of highly competent computer programers may be able to help you restore the appearance of your blog if you could see to portraying our product in a more favourable light in future blogspots.



I don't think we should make any concessions to these cyber-bullies. I actually kind of like the new look.

Well, I think it's time to ejoy a nice, cool glass of cow's milk! refreshing!

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em said...

"Bovine phone line here's how you play,
call this number you could win right away.
And if you win stay on the line,
Call this number you could win another time.
Win another time,
Win another time,
With the bovine phone line."

"Milk it!"

I don't know how much more commercial radio I can take. The milker's are sweeping the air-waves.

Err, I mean, "I gargle warm milk to cleans my pallet."