Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Under the Weather

Kil-Joy in Australia is ill. Flatlander in Ontario has some sort of bug. It may be a coincidence, or maybe there is a global pandemic abrewing. Fakiegrind's advice: stay indoors and drink lots of OJ, but if you do have to go out skateboarding bring a can of Lysol and spray everyone that tries to come into contact with you. Once you get back home, sterilize your cloths and skateboard in boiling water.

Reliable sources have indicated that the stylish disco clip, still viewable under 'links', is likely Estonian in origin. However, it may also be a trap set for Austen Powers to lure him to Dr. Evil's Island of Doom in the Gulf of Finland, so be forewarned!

The expression, "Under the weather" is puzzling, because the majority of earthlings spend their entire lives situated under, or at least 'in the midst of' the weather. The only people exempt would seem to be astronauts who could honestly claim to be 'over the weather'.

The fakiegrind Question of the Week: Do turntables in Australia rotate in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise), than those in the northern hemisphere?


kill-joy said...

Answer of the weak, no, but if they did the locals would say 'anti-clockwise mate'. I do think that the whole tendancy of fluid based materials to flow clockwith in the n-hemisphere and anti-clockwith in the s-hemisphere may be the downfall of my 360 varial kickflips. You see I'm regular/natural footed so this particular manouvre will spin clockwith, but the natural resistance to this in the s-hemisphere has hampered this movement, on the brightside perhaps it is the perfect time to attempt the switch version with the help of the phenomonon in question.

flatlander said...

Sometimes when I'm trying to do the elusive 360 flip, I'll make a little "flush" noise with my mouth, to encourage the board to spin. Kind of like, "THWUUSHH". But so far it hasn't helped me to land one of those suckers. Gotta keep it fluid!