Sunday, March 20, 2005

Learn Disco Today

I'm thinking of trading in my skateshoes for some disco gear
Check it out by clicking under "links"

New banner motto courtesy of Kil-Joy!


kill-joy said...

You know when you know that you will be moving on soon, but the time isn't here yet and you feel like you just wish that it would come so that the anticipation won't get the best of you, but you also know form endless experiences of leavings and arrivings that once you actually leave you will either really miss the place that you just left or that the newness of the destination will wear away much too quickly and then you will wish that you could just go back to the place that you just left, but can't because it is far, far across the sea and you are broke?

kill-joy said...

By the way I liked the dicso guy. Where was the clip form? My four old housemate really was into it. She could have watched it all day. I think she even like dit better than Shrek2, Sleeping Beauty, and Nemo, that's saying a lot mate. Skating was OK today. I made a deal with myself that I would either do all of my moves switch, nollie, or if it was going to be a regular one, it had to be one that I had never completed at that particular park. That way I could start to break my habit of just doing the same old familiar manouvres and also help to wear my shoes more evenly. I have this thing about symmetry these days. I also like to be color coordinated, but that is going to have to wait for another post. Anyway after a few 'older' guys showed up (still probably 5 years my junior, but definately more mature in their age and skating style than the 13-15 year olds that were out this afternoon) I broke down and fell into the old M.O. and tried to fit in. Still had a good time, but I felt like I gave in to that nagging thought about being accepted or whatever. Also my 'new' deck is now close to a moon in the using and got zipped into a puddle about 6 times the other day, so it's a bit soggy and sluggish. I landed quite a few of my attempts this day, but I must say that my already sloppy style was exponentially magnified by my wonky set-up.

flatlander said...

I know that bittersweet feeling of moving on. Just when it seems you are getting into a place, you have to let it go. To stay is tempting, but you suspect that the magic might evaporate, and circumstances drive you on. As Zarathustra put it, "Woe says 'go', but joy wants deep eternity".

That disco guy is truly mesmerizing. I've been watching it quite a bit myself. Fakiegrind researchers are trying to determine what language the funkyfooted fellow is speaking. Finnish? Dutch? We're working on it.

Sk8, don't procrastin8!

kill-joy said...

Not Dutch. The dicso dacning guy was a hit amongst my simi-circle of fiends. I'm sick. I have a headache, everywhere. I guess it was inevitable, the 4 year old that loves the dicso guy has been caughing and sneazing on everything for the last week. May have a bit of a hiatus form the skateboard riding, besides, it is starting to be autumn here with chilly temperatures and many winds. I'm returning just in time for the N. American spring, yahoo.