Friday, March 04, 2005


Didn't realize it was March until today. It's been a good week-and-a-half since I stepped on my board so I've been swimming and telling myself that I will finally kick the habit. But I know that as soon as the pavement shows its face again I'll be out rolling around on the basketball court, working on fakieflips and bigspins.

Stopped for a hot beverage at a deserted coffee shop near the water, and the girl behind the counter started up a conversation. I think she was bored out of her mind but she recognized me as a skateboarder. She asked how long I've been skating for and I said about fifteen years. She was kind of young. Maybe she was crushing. I think my new goatee works.


Mark said...

simon, do you still have a goatee?
send a picture!

Michael said...

Mark, are you crushing?

Gyrobo said...

Just leaving my mark on the first post. Ha ha! No one can say I don't... leave comments on first posts...

What. Ever. Happy birthday, and all that. Because, I already explained that.

If this comment is ever read by anyone, just ignore it, as it has no inner peace.