Saturday, March 05, 2005


It's two degrees today and the snow is melting. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to find a dry patch. Reasons I want to quit: my one wrist has a permanent slight sprain. My ankle and knees have a constant dull ache. My neck often hurts (yoga accident).

On the other hand, I am thrity-two and a better skater than I've ever been. Last year I learned a pile of new tricks and every time I go out it seems I develop something new. I invented the Spinoza last year, and haven't had a chance to popularize it. I don't bomb stairs or handrails anymore (not that I ever did handrails). I skate flatland, curbs and small ledges, the occasional transition. The last time I went skating at the B-ball court down the street, I landed my first casper-to-casper flip, a trick I've been attempting for a couple of years. Increased muscle tone from swimming is improving my board control. If my joints will hold up I will keep progressing.

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