Friday, March 21, 2008

Werewolfs a-Coming!

We interrupt Hobo week to update readers on the Slavic werewolf menace. Fakiegrind's Stereographic-Lycanthoposcope is showing a concentrated mutant lupian energy field heading straight towards the abandoned mineshaft currently housing Fakie Central. In layman's terms, we've got a whole mess 'o werewolves heading straight for our colective ass!

The good news is, we've been aware of this threat and have been preparing for the past week. Special Kevlar armor has been issued to all Agents and support staff, and we have a fleet of mobile werewolf containment units all gassed up and ready to ship those bloodthirsty beasts off to the suburbs.

The bad new is, Special Agent Donovan was deployed this morning on an assaignment to track down a real live hobo and bring him back to Fakie Headquarters for a bowl of warm soup and an interview. We hope he succeeds in his mission and makes it back before the werewolves arrive, which, by Dr. Flavour's calculations, should happen sometime tonight around midnight.

We shall keep readers posted on any new developments as the information becomes available. Until then, please enjoy this hobolink:

Secret Hobo Code


Michael said...

Silver bullets, Silver bullets.
Need Silver bullets.
You can always kick the wolf man in the nards too.

Anonymous said...

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