Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

Here in the new Fakiegrind bunker at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft, we've been having trouble getting connected to the Internet. This is the main reason for the long period of Fakie silence during which the glad birthday tidings of several long-time Proxy Agents went unacknowledged.

Happily, it seems that one of our neighbours (I didn't even know we had neighbours until a few minutes ago!) seems to have recently installed a wireless Internet service into which our state-of-the-art wi-fi systems have been able to hack. Of course, the fact that we even have neighbours creates a whole new batch of security problems. What if we have inadvertently set up shop next to one of the many subterranean outposts for the Mole Man's Legions of blind ninja? What if the Internet connection we are currently enjoying actually belongs to a group of cthonic demon worshippers, buried alive with a laptop to hearken in a new age of darkness throughout the daylight land? What if the connection belongs to a warren of intelligent, omnivorous rabbit-like creatures who will drill into the Fakiegrind larders and steal our freeze-dried provisions?

We will have to better investigate our surroundings using Dr. Flavour's sonographic imagine spyroscope. But until this can be done, I suppose it couldn't hurt to enjoy a little free Internet surfing. Who knows, maybe if we poke around down here long enough we'll find an old cable TV connection that is still active.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the birthday messages. Stay old!


jin said...

*the jin squeal of delight*

You're baaack!

Blogging just isn't blogging without you around here Flatlander!!!

Andrew said...

welcome back, flatlander!

Like trilobites?


Anonymous said...

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