Wednesday, May 10, 2006

(some things never change)


I cruise
U cruise
We all cruise
With skate shoes.


Gyrobo said...

I notice he's carrying a copy of Catch-22. Tried to read that thing once. Boring.

No time travel at all.

mgc said...

cruisin red
cruisin blue
i'll cruise til i dead
what about you?

jin said...

the board is calling
to you again
isn't it?

I anxiously await
tonights shred tally
will it be
2 or naught?

Bathroom Hippo said...

That chick's alright.

Look at Eddie's book. "The Dharma"
What a downer.

flatlander said...

I'm more interested in the book by "Howl".

I never heard of the guy.