Friday, May 19, 2006

Life in the bowels

At fakie central life isn't always skateparks and introspection! Here we painstakingly gather samples of pavement from around the world and catalog them for future reference. Even if dimensional vortesies transform tape machines into croccodiles, we roll on.


flatlander said...

I've got the tekkies working on that pan-dimensional croccodile, but the thing just won't leave! He says he's got some kind of message, but he will only deliver it to Overseer Q--in person!

(Overseer Q hasn't visited Fakie Central since the great skateboard hi-jacking of '89. Nobody even remebers what he looks like.)

I suspect The Adjuster might be behind this.

mgc said...

that looks too much like work!

Gyrobo said...

Reminds me a little of the back room. Who knows what goes on in that room back there? Sorting? Shipping? Mailing? Postage due-ing?

No. I think I know! The answer is simple: taping. They're taping the whole thing for television!

jin said...

"coil coder" is an anagram of crocodile


mizfit said...

hey give Dogaon back the part of the pavement u took...wait...dogaon has no pavement! sorry...:)

em said...

I think that without coffee, there would be so many jobs people just wouldn't do.