Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's all in my mind--except for the part that hurts

How old is old? And why did I get a new skateboard? Tried to land an airwalk and a spear of pain shot up my back. Gotta keep it low to the ground: skate the curb, the flat. G-turns and wheelies are low impact. Throwing in a shove-it combo didn't seem to do any permanent damage.

How I squandered last year's freedom of motion! The ollie impossible was at least potentially plausible, once I learned the proper footing. But now--today--even the possible seemed unattainable. It could be time to let it all go. I had my mind made up, in fact. I was home free and boardless, my mind at ease, feet on the ground. So why did I get a new skateboard?

It's all karma, they say. Or fate, character--call it what you will. Then there are the allegations of free will, and the alibi of responsibility. I've heard it unfolds as it will, and you can go along with it or not. Best to go quietly, then, without a fuss. Try your best, fail, recover the inner directive, start again, stumble, get up, discard the mind, then plead to the Lord almighty to make something good out of it all.



jin said...

Age is a state of mind...
no more
no less

I feel about 18 ;-)

If my body argues
I simply swallow
a handfull
of vitamins
(Yucca 4 the bonz)

On second thought:
For Flatlander:
"Age is a skate of mind"

Bathroom Hippo said...


I'm on to your wiretaps.

mizfit said...

did u land on ur head while skateboarding? why is ur blog suddenly riddled with so many posts on skates...well, ok. there are only 3 such posts but for a person like me who can barely count, three is a lot!

flatlander said...

Mizfit-Fakiegrind started as a skateboarding blog, before we began our investigations into UFOs and the paranormal. Dept. H actually classifies skateboarding as a paranormal activity, but I'm thinking the pursuit of the sport should be left to younger agents.

Hippo-My wiretap classes aren't going too well. It's hard to balance on the tightrope and dance at the same time.

Jin-I need to get some of the Yukka 4!