Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Any Time Now


Bathroom Hippo said...

Open Post?

Peter Potamus never stops,
He just rocks,
Have some props,
Call the cops,

I knew you knew,
Capital of Peru,
In proportion to,
Potamus got the flux,
Capacitor deluxe,
Time Travelin’
The Potamus within.
Much to your chagrin,
Take it on the chin,
Huckleberry fin

flatlander said...

Potamus is bottomless
Like a pit
Got rhymes
He don't quit
On the sly
Like Spy vs. Spy
All the way live
Like a lugie in your eye
Flux redux
Never sucks
Here's the crux
Potamus alot a us
Say, "Aw shucks"!