Friday, March 17, 2006

True Faith

Who can say what drives the day
Or how the eagle flies
Or what deep dark
Ignites the spark
That lives behind your eyes?

Regard for the philosopher
Will not eclipse your fame
You can't outrun
The mighty sun
That shines upon your name

Songs abound with joyful sound
That deaden every ear
Until you find
An awkward rhyme
To make the signal clear

For those who know above/below
The inside from the out
There's no guess
Like experience
To fortify one's doubt

But in the end you can't pretend
The answer has a face
Except the one
That's just begun
Your disguise to erase


Gyrobo said...

An excellent poem to accompany Blogger's fixing their server problems.

Hopefully the blogosphere will be accident free for... bzzzzzz...

flatlander said...

There was an accident involving a blog this afternoon, not two blocks from here.

Luckily, nobody was injure--but that fellow's blog insurance rates are going to be steep!

And you should see the car...

Bathroom Hippo said...

Flew to Afghanistan for a meeting with Hamid Karzai. The meeting went well. As you're aware he informed me that the agriculture was thriving. I was pleased and addressed him of your concerns. Then I realized he had nothing to do with your poem. I was embarrassed.

His Majesty said...

The only faith one needs is faith in the First Church of Tax Exempt Status. Wavering will cause fall from my favour, resulting in exile from the Land of Silt.

Maskatron said...

You might rhyme
But you can't hide