Sunday, February 26, 2006

Vanishing Point

all this space around
folded into time
origami corners
large and small combine
keeping us enthralled
distances sublime
every second breath
planets will align
only to disperse
like a lightless star
slipping into verse
gravity's own scar
'till it shows the way
past the near and far
'till it shows the way
back to where we are


Alessandro_PPG said...

Olá! Estou divulgando o meu blogger: e meu site: ! Colabore com o meu Webblogger clicando nos anúncios Google para eu adiquirir um domínio próprio! Abraços! Conto com sua com a sua colaboração! Abraços!

flatlander said...

I don't speak Spanish, but this is redolent of spam.

em said...

I used Google to translate from Portugues:

"Olá! I am divulging my to blogger: [link ommited] and my site: [link ommited]! I collaborate with my Webblogger clicando in the Google announcements to adiquirir a proper domain! Abraços! Story with its with its contribution! Abraços! "

Redolent yes, but artfull none the less. "Adiquirir a proper domain" indeed!

Gyrobo said...

Yeah, that same comment was left on my blog, as well. I also saw that same comment on two other blogs. I think someone is going through a master blogroll and commenting on blogs without regard to language barriers.

flatlander said...

The "Master Blogroll"! Let's sieze it and gain unforetold powers of pursuasion!