Monday, February 27, 2006


I lost Shazam;
He hitched a ride
In a box
Left curbside

I loved his painted
Eyes and hair,
White cape and
Rubber underwear

His red jump suit,
The golden crest
Of lightning blazoned
On his breast

Could have sold him
On Ebay--
Could have
Given Him away

Wonder Woman's
Feeling blue
In her shoe box
With R2

Torn, the fabric
Of my mind
To leave this
Tiny toy behind

Lonely lonely
Like a child
I rummage through
The basement wild

Tearing open
Box and bag,
Looking for
A music mag

Or something
To distract my eye's
That plastic guy

Old! Old!
I'm growing old
My better instincts
Do corrode

Maybe if I
Say the magic
Word I'll transform
From this nerd

Into something
Truly grand
Please help me now
My friend...


"For good or ill, we have phased ourselves out of the older visual society by our electric technology that is as instant as light. If we want to get back into a visually ordered world, we shall have to recreate the conditions of that world. Meantime we have a new environment of instant information that upsets and "pollutes" all the patters of the old visual sequences. Nothing is "in concatenation accordingly" in the simultaneous world of sound. Effects now easily and naturally precede causes, and we can freely predict the past."

Marshall McLuhan, 1973


Unknown said...

Maybe if I
Say the magic
Word I'll transform
From this nerd

Into something
Truly grand
Please help me now
My friend...

Oh my gosh--I LOVE these verses. I also LOVE nerds! I've always been into who are a bit nerdy--the 'cool' kind of nerd, which I am sure you are (you don't use a pen protector in your breast pocket, do you?? Well, if you do, I'd still think you were cool, Flathead!).

It's funny that you mentioned Wonder Woman. I'm just sipping some decaf coffee in my favorite, extra-large Wonder Woman coffee mug! (The mug is extra large, not Wonder Woman.)

BTW, Flatlander, I just want you to know that I tried to leave you a message yesterday, but I couldn't get the comments thingy to open. But I'm here now, which is great, 'cause all we really have is the now! Which is now 'then'. And 'then' again. And finitum.


You make me smile. Thank you.

flatlander said...

Nice to hear from you Bhakti.
Nerds rule, and so do you!
From my Hulk mug I sip black tea.
Virtual "cheers" to you!

Gyrobo said...

You say cheers,
I say here's
to the greatest
skateboarder of them all,
a decent guy who's ten feet tall,
just like Paul Bunion,
never fear,
for from the peer,
like a multi-colored bouncing ball,
comes an onion.

Poems are better on a full stomach.

flatlander said...

There's a happy ending to this story: I found Shazam this afternoon, in a misplaced bag of goodies.

He's now adorning the kitchen book shelf beside Growing Dinosaur Neil.