Saturday, February 25, 2006

No Loitering

Glowing like graffiti left
Where people never go,
I came here to catch my breath
Between the flakes of snow.

So many times I failed to act
When action was required;
I know the way the deck is stacked
And how the walls are wired.

Lacking proper testament
The days have come and gone
Until, with aimless wonderment
The moment simply shone.

Monuments of launderers
Are built upon the ground
Where saints and other wanderers
Have paused to look around.

So, to dodge embarrassment
And fossilized debris
I won't stop to raise a tent
To this epiphany.



Gyrobo said...

Argh! The comics... destroyed... noooooo!

Eh. You paid for 'em. I just wish I had rhyme schemes.

flatlander said...

Don't fret! It was just an old Tales To Astonish from the sixties. You know the one: Lord Plunder is trying to hunt down Sub-Mariner, and the Hulk has it out with the High Evolutionary. The thing was about to fall apart of its own accord.

As for the rhyming, you don't need to--you can still have your own rap star name!

Mine was "Royal Joint"!