Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Is it possible you still concieve--having experienced
the endless infinitude of night existing within my cape
of darnkness--that I am capable of wearing cloths?"

Cloak, Cloak & Dagger #8


Gyrobo said...

That brings me back.

To five seconds ago, when I first read that.

em said...

I remember collecting those for a while. Much of the story was about addiction. When "Dagger" would throw her beams of light she would actually cure the villians attacking her.

Far to progressive an idea for a comic probably. We need more destruction!

flatlander said...

Just don't let Dagger's boyfriend Cloak get to the drug dealers first, or he'll absorb them into his cloak and feed off their evil souls!

I think it was a neat comic: good art and a decent story line.