Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Cage

far too lazy
far too vain
this freedom drives
a mind insane

the cage was square
the cage was good
were understood

the light was clear
the shadows soft
restrictions bore
the soul aloft

God and man
were kept apart
you and I
could dream a start

I wish you never
turned that key
with infinity

now horizons
just recede;
the open air
inflames my need

so many stories
to discuss--
the landscape
all ambiguous

amidst this
poverty of wealth
I collapse
upon myself

and angels fierce
eyes ablaze
guard the entrance
to my cage


Gyrobo said...

I don't see how you can be self-concious performing in front of people.

Your stuff is gold!
Your work is great!
You out-rhymed Frost,
that second-rate.

Also, I'm reminded of this snippet from Alpha Centauri:

mind and flower, node and worm,
in compound small, planet yearns.
growth dream soon unlock we prison,
human beware, planet risen!

flatlander said...

Hey, thanks!

Wow --That last stanza was, like, all of Blake in capsule form!

I'm catching the next shuttle to A.C.