Monday, December 05, 2005

Black Cheddar?

In trying to track down the whereabouts of the lethal robot assassin and master of disguise, Maskatron, I've been thinking to myself, "If only we had some sort of clue as to the inner programming of this fiend, something to indicate what's going on in that stainless steel head of his."

Well, stunning detective work on the part of our Fakie Agents has uncovered this, a digital document that appears to be Maskatron's personal blog! The postings are chilling in their spare, robotic sentiment, but reveal a few vital clues as to the monster's methods and mission.

It seems that our worst fears have been confimed: Maskatron is trying to impersonate a Fakie Agent in an attempt to gain accesss to the Fakie database. He also seems to be taking orders from some mysterious entity with three distinct words to his name. Murry, if I could, I'd like to buy a vowel! But this is no gameshow. It's a deadly game of cat and mouse with the entire future of radio free blogdom at steak.

I only hope we can unravel this caper in time, before someone else gets assaulted with their own take-out sandwich.


flatlander said...

When I said "spare, robotic sentiment" I did not mean to cast aspersions at the New Generation of robots with heart, such as Gyrobo or the Roboshrub Corp.

Nowadays, you can't just paint all of robotdom with one Teflon synth-skin.

But the core elements of Maskatron 5000's mainframe date back to the early seventies, and it is believed that he still reads the morning newspaper off of punchcards.

Bhakti said...

I've just finished reading an article about a 'man' who tried to assault a police officer with a boloney sandwich!!

Maybe the 'man' was Maskotron?! I mean, how many criminals can there be whose modis aperandi (or however you spell that) is assault with a deadly sandwich?!?!?!