Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ode to Maskatron


One of my first and favorite toys, I could draw his face circuitry by heart in gradeschool. I don't know where all my Crayola portraits have gone to, so I composed this poem in honour of the debonaire killer robot.

Maskatron is seldom seen
His ancient android eyes are green

His gaze can pierce despite the fact
His brain was made by Compu-vac

He dances on bionic legs
For breakfast he has Teflon eggs

He brandishes bionic arms
And means to do Steve Austen harm

So if you see him, leave the scene!
His ancient android eyes are green


Bhakti said...

I'm willing to bet $1,000,000 that Jamie Summers could kick his skinny white buttocks!

By the way...I did a post on one of my childhood heroes today, too!

Roboshrub Incorporated said...

I invented Maskatron. He is the predecessor of Gyrobo.

Gyrobo said...

Dr. Maskatron taught me how to ride a bicycle! I'll never forget him.

Also, I take it you own the site, since that's where all your avatars come from. I thought there might be a funny galary of avatars, but I can't find anything Flatlander/Adjuster related.

--==/ To the dismal tunnel! \==--

flatlander said...

Fakiegrind is just an insiteful parasite site, riding on the coat tails of, which, it seems, is still stuck in the spring edition.

Maybe someday she'll get her act together and, noticing the subterfuge, shut us down.

Until then,

The city is my leftover plate!

nerds r' us said...

By the way, Maskatron's butt is metallic and well proportioned, not skinny and white; and Jamie Sommers would more properly be caught fighting an odious fembot

bunda said...

Nosey Gyrobo!

Bhakti said...

Oh my gosh--I'm going back to the convent. The thought of Jamie Sommers getting beat up by a Fembot (sounds very homo-erotic to me) is just too much for me to handle at present.

flatlander said...

I'm with you, Bhakti. Why can't robots and humans and bionic people and stuffed animals all just get allong?

Bhakti said...

Any way you look at it, Jamie Sommers KICKS BUTTOCKS!! She was my first crush (it was innocent, I was 6 years old and she had a dog!). Now she's selling Sleepomatic beds!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Maybe there ISn't a gOd!!!