Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Did I see a gun at the skatepark today? Me no like gangsta pranksta. No way. I like to ollie the hip, not shoot from it. Kids these days think heat is legit. When I was young it was butterfly knives. Carrying blades made homies feel wise. I had one friend who was touched by grace. When a guy picked a fight, he kissed him on the face.


Gyrobo said...

Kids have no respect for the law. That's why you've gotta scream at 'em. "GET OFF MY LAWN!" or something similar.

Valerie said...

I can just imagine the shock of a kiss on the face instaed of a fist.
I like the unexpected especially when it is helpful or harmless.
This tickled my funny bone.

flatlander said...

Just the same, I'm staying away from the skatepark for a while.