Thursday, September 22, 2005

Work. Sleep. Consume.

When I get home from a hard day's work, it seems that I can't stay awake without slugging back one or two beers. The beer inhibits my capacity to think too deeply about my lot, and how I've just spent the last eight hours doing nothing. Television is so much more entertaining under the influence of alcohol, as well.

In the lunch room at work is a hazy, bluish painting of waves rolling up on a beach. In the centre of the picture, the sun is obscured by a large, black cloud, but some light radiates from out the edges of the mass, and illuminates the fringe of the waves. It's a calming picture, in a way. If I could smuggle my camera into work without it being stolen, I would take a picture of the thing.

Tomorrow is payday, and, if I can make it through without quitting, that will be one full week as a working stiff. Each day I show up with the intention of making my intentions (to quit) known, but then a strange voice calls out to me from behind the little black cloud in the painting, saying, "Don't awake The Sleeper."


Gyrobo said...

No amount of money is worth it when you hate your job. The hard part is avoiding a scene when you quit. Take my advice: a dramatic exit may look great in movies, but they don't live up to the hype in the real world.

Michael said...

Best dramatic quiting job movie scene in my opinion is from Joe vs the Valcano. Funny that you were also talking about Valcanos.

flatlander said...

Joe vs. the Volcano is one of my fav films! But my workplace doesn't have quite the soul-sucking quality of Joe's prosthetics warehouse in the movie. For one thing, the people there are much nicer.

I told them today that I had another job lined up for Octorber, and they got me to train one of the other fellows in the mysteries of The Brewer. But I could still work there for a couple more weeks if I want.

And they said I would always be welcome back! It's nice to leave a place on good terms.