Friday, September 02, 2005

Super Power Registration Form

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This advertisement was discovered in the back of a 1993 comic book. Readers are encouraged to fill out the form if they, or someone they know, has super-human powers. The graphic at the top of the page depicts, amongst other known super heroes, the founding members of the Canadian super hero team Alpha Flight .

While the whole program seems innocuous enough, I object to the mandatory registration of people with super human powers. Obviously, such information could be put to ill use were public opinion to turn against those amongst us who are "different" or "special". I think this ad was placed in the back of a comic book to catch young super humans unawares, much in the way that narratives about good citizens turning in suspected communists were discretely planted in spy novels in the fifties to encourage such behaviour in the populace.

Even if I knew someone with super powers--and I'm not saying that I do--I wouldn't report them to the authorities. In this age of DNA research what's to stop some bio-corp from tracking down and abducting potentially "gifted" humans in a scramble to isolate and patent super-power genomes?

So, Fakiegrind advises any and all of our genetically para-normal readers out there; be wary of Department H!

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