Thursday, September 08, 2005


The end of summer is drawing nigh, and I'm feeling skated out. As my buddy Bo said, "You have all winter to let your knees and ankle heal". This is true, but some wounds never heal. I've surprised myself by learning some new moves over the past year, but I feel that I've hit a ceiling of some sort. I've experienced optimal skating conditions this summer in terms of time, equipment and facilities, but there are several tricks that continue to elude me:

fingerflips (I've landed two all summer)
half-cab to casper on the hip
540 shove-it

It might be that these will simply be the tricks that got away. Skating is about fun and rolling, right? Not about how many tricks you can do. And only a select few can tell the difference between a 360 and a 540 shove-it. It takes hundreds, maybe thousands of repetitions to make a trick look natural, to really own it. I can bust a smooth kickflip 75% of the time, should the need arise, but to master the heelflip with the same fluency I would have to turn back the clock about a decade and spend a goodly amount of time out on the b-ball court, alone, working out the nuances of the trick.

I never even expected to make it this far, so the tricks that got away shouldn't bother me too much.

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