Monday, September 19, 2005

Musical Skids

There is meditational element to my new job (cutting two-by-fours in the making of skids). Now that I have become proficient at the various tasks involved I find the time passes fairly quickly. In the morning, the sun shines through the bay door that opens unto my lumber pile, and the outside air helps counteract the sawdust. In the afternoon, there is lunch, and then a break, and then it's time to go home.

I am also responsible for securing the tall stacks of finished skids with strips of nylon banding. The forklifts bring me piles of wood or pallets, and I thread them through with banding, or wrap them with plastic when they are irregularly shaped. It sounds boring, and it is, but it keeps me occupied just enough that my brain slips into a state of reflection.

When I was completely idle, my thoughts were sort of frozen; now that I'm moving, doing something and nothing at the same time, I can better listen to the music of things.


Valerie said...

Be careful - if the management finds out that you are using their time for something other than thier work they may dock your pay.
Always look as if you are totally engrossed in your job and they may give you a raise.

em said...

Sound advice!
Also, whenever you walk somewhere, feel like you have something important to goto.

Oh, and keep a cucumber in your pants. You can never underestimate the power of a big dick.

flatlander said...

I think I've mastered the looking busy thing, but that darn cucumber is giving me a nasty rash!