Monday, September 19, 2005

Musical Skids II

But what, you might ask, have I been thinking about there in the grey dust and peircing sunlight of the skid factory? I think about philosophical questions. Such as: if God is all powerful, and all good, then why do so many evil things befall us in the world?

The goodness of God is absolute and hidden. It is not a goodness that can be comprehended by the limited, self-interested vision of our egos, but it is a goodness that has our best interest at heart.

Does this mean that all of the evil that befalls us is actually good in disguise? No. But the goodness of God is stronger than any evil that might come about.


The Blog said...

I'm not sure whether I believe that God just allows evil to happen and let us, human beings deal with it. Or God uses evil as a test of us. I guess it doesnt' really matter though, as long as we are deflecting that evil and not allowing it to consume us and do good and God's work.

flatlander said...

Evil is mysterious. I think it may be a side effect of God removing himself to make space for the existence of the world.

But I also believe that God is constantly working to turn evil into good, and to re-instate His presence in a world transformed.

As for doing God's work, I just concentrate on doing my own work, and hope that God somehow makes it good.

mondo retro said...

wow, i totally need to read this today. i have been completely losing it at work every day for the past few months, and i tend to lose perspective while i'm here. i know the statement of God's good outweighs all the evil is true, but my own stupid ego and inability to let things just roll off my shoulders gets in the way.

but then i get home and kiss my sweet cat gertie, who is waiting for me at the door every day, and all is well with the world.

yay, thanks! :)