Monday, September 26, 2005

Life is Tough

I can't take much more of this. Working is hellish, but at least the factory noise drowns out all distractions and gives me time to think. When I get home, my chronically depressed housemate is always watching television. I can't work for eight hours then come home to a shithole with commercials blaring. If I complain, she doesn't care. She just watches television and mopes. I try to be nice, but everything is so fucked up I really can't find a reason to go on with it all any more. Dr. Phil.Oprah. Maury Pauvich. Real life surgery stories. true crime. Friends. Death to all televisions!


em said...

Well my friend, some of us drink beer, some watch television and some take anti-depressants.

You really don't have much say in the matter seeing how your rent is so good.

Also, don't feel so alone! I just took a job working in either a plastics factory as an "extruder" or in quality control for auto parts. Woopee! Fuck carpentry! Yah! I wanna do something that leaves me no better than when I started!

Money money money!

flatlander said...

Beer. tv. Antidepressants. How about getting to the root of the matter, rather than dealing in distractions?

Nah! Too much work. I think I'll just go skateboarding.

Adjuster said...


I know that these final days of Earthtime can be trying, not to mention full of tribulation, but can you please keep better monitor over your language?

This is, after all, a family skateblog. Please think about your immortal souls, and consider purchasing anEndtime Insurance Package from an authorized dealer, before spouting out the F or S words!

lil mary sunshine said...

Dear Boys;

There is good (and God) in everything. Even in Maury Povich. If you choose to see only crap, that is what you see. If you feel like crap, only you can change that around. With crap all around us, we can all come up smelling like a rose. How do you think they grow so beautifully?
Oh and adjuster, ADJUST THIS!

flatlander said...

Any way you look at it, Maury Pauvich is crap. But we're all humans, right? --even if your mom is trying to have an affair with your high-school boyfriend's friend.

And don't be too hard on the 'ol Adjuster. He's the unfortunate victim of a university psychology experiment gone awry.

But LMA is right. God is everywhere. Only I can change the way I feel. Roses love crap. Crap is everywhere. Therefore, God is roses.