Monday, September 12, 2005

Dizzy II

About a week ago I fell while skating a mini ramp, and hit the back of my head, ever so gently, against the flat. I didn't black out or see spots--didn't even have a bump or bruise. But I've had a mild headache for a few days now, expescially when I bend over or stand up rapidly. I think maybe it's from the killer allegies, the useless medication, and from blowing my honker twice a minute, but maybe it's progressive dain brammage from the wipe-out.

At any rate, I'm using it as a good excuse not to do any work around heavy equiptment. Maybe I'll take the whole week off, seeing as it's my birthday coming up. I'm thinking of retiring my wheels altogether, getting grounded, maybe buying a suit jacket or something. I don't want to end up like Steve Alba or Mick Jagger: pushing the envelope way too far.

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