Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stolen Moments

Skating shirtless at the Bease
Airing my gut in the breeze
Carve the graffiti
Grind the curb
Slightly stiff in the knees

Little kids tell me I'm good
Locals with 'tude from the hood
Should be out looking
For some kind of work
Instead I'm pushing the wood

Summers, once gone, don't return
Got some skate karma to burn
Bust a spinoza
Dance in the air
One with the earth as I turn


em said...

Hammer a nail
Pin to my tail
Swear words let sail
For money,
the Grail

Dust and contusions
Live no illusions
Taste of the sawdust
Bite of the nails rust
Plan are confusion

Youth is past done
Idealism no fun
Sore muscles remind me
"You're under the gun"
Paybacks a bitch when you have none

Michael said...

The old man looks at his clock
What happen to the time
Things were once sublime
Time use to moved oh so slow
Where the hell did it all go
Aging like a fine bottle of wine
Falling on the ground makes me cry
I like reading the fakiegrind
You know I would not lie

flatlander said...


freakazoid said...

like a hippopotamus
just chillin' in the mud
reading fakiegrind
chewing the cud
a rap bandit
it's not like I planned it
but I couldn't stand it
so I had to land it
double fakie flip
axel grind
airwalk over the hip
now I'm eating burgers from the strip
while the keyboard goes click click