Monday, August 22, 2005


What I failed to mention in the previous post was that last night at the Bease, I naviagated a perfect spinoza on the little embankment skirting the pool. I did the G-turn-to-body varial part, then caught the board perfectly with the nose still suspended in the air, and just kind of hung there, balanced on my back wheels. It was a moment of suspension that seemed like an eternity, and it felt like the trick could go either way: I could pivot back into the slope and ride it out, or throw it in the wrong direction and bail. But after that endless, precarious moment, the board tipped back in--it was the moment steering it, not me--and I rode away with a big smile on my face.

The younger fellow with the fakie moves saw the trick and cheered, and it was this that inspired him to go for the gold with his fakiegrind-bigspin shenanigans.

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