Sunday, August 07, 2005

Skate Jam!

This is it: day two of the 13th annual Beasely Park Skate Jam! I missed yesterday's proceedings, which included the oldschool, girls, 12 and under and longboard events; but today is when the big guns come out, and all the punks try to land the flip tricks that everybody else is also trying to land. I stopped by the park this morning on my bike. The local television station was already there with their van, and there were about three kids flopping around on the flat. In just a couple of hours, the small park will be stuffed full of skaterly dudes and dudettes from all over Ontario. The rap music will be blaring, the sun beating down, and the skaters will be getting radical! And I'll be there too, despite my broken foot and tired knees. Provided my wrists remain intact, I'll give you the full skinny later today.

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