Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mistaken Identity

Welcome to the new, somewhat improved Fakiegrind temporary title banner! If it looks a little crooked, it's because I'm running on almost zero sleep today. The tenants who rent out the front half of the house decided to have an all-night party last night. They were being pretty loud on the front porch, so at about one A.M. I went out and asked them to keep it down. This is a neighbourhood with lots of families, and I'm sure I was not the only one who was suffering.

The young woman who rents the place is strange. She has a pet dog--a large, energetic puppy--whom she rarely takes out for walks. Sometimes you can hear him barking for hours through the wall. She likes to leave his droppings on the front lawn, perhaps as some form of fertilizer or Daliesque decoration. We must constantly navigate past them to get to the gate leading to our section of the house. Ah, the smell of dog turds in the morning!

Last night on the porch, when I pointed out how loud the party was, this person insulted my cat, Tiger, and then called me an asshole! I don't like confrontations with people, so I've been thinking about it all day, wondering if I should have handled it differently. I'm a polite and non-aggressive sort of guy, and I don't think I said or did anything wrong in going over there. I shouldn't even be wasting time thinking about it.

The happy aspect of this story is that even though the north end has a reputation for being rough and dangerous, our neighbours are actually the best people you would want to meet. Incidents like last night are actually the exception to the rule around here. And if there's some sort of problem, people tend to band together and support one another.

Life must be so hard for some people, when everywhere they turn they run into assholes!


mgc said...

i say that you are a bigger man than i could be if someone called me an asshole. i consider myself pretty mello too, but i have a limit and that would have pushed it right into ballistic and an ass whooping would have insued!

you were right in asking for some peace at 1 am. good job.

besides anyone who would insult a mans pet is more of an asshole than human anyhow and will sooner or later be wiped clean!

flatlander said...

She didn't call me that right to my face, but went inside and said it loud enought that everyone could hear. But she insulted my cat to my face.

Anyways, she has some problems, but she pays the rent on time, and sometimes she tries to be nice.