Friday, August 12, 2005

Members Only

Due to the recent onslaught of spam comments, I had to rig Fakiegrind to accept comments only from official Fakie Agents. This makes me sad, since I really enjoy the comments that trickled in from disparate regions of the web. We'll have to get our Fakiegrind programming specialists working on some anti-spam firewall strategies. Until then, practice writing Fakie comments on scraps of paper, bathroom walls, your partner's bum--anywhere that you think other people might read them, and we'll all just keep our eyes open as the Fakiegrind comments page hits the streets!


em said...

I think dis-alowing anonymous comments is to strong a messure. Instead we can retaliate with great vengence apon (upon?) the offending website. Usually they are taken down within hours.

There are just to many free-floating wierdos that need to have a place to speak!

I found your old board,
I thought to tweak...
Tommorrow I take a "fall arrest course",
The harness round the freak.

flatlander said...

Hey there, you harnessed freak, you;

Do they do any bungee cording at that course of yours?

You are right about the comments. I just get paranoid whenever I encounter new technologies. Since our Chief Programmer says it's OK, I'm going to open the floodgates of Fakiegrind once again and allow the masses access to the comments page.

Keep that old board! There are hordes of kids around here waiting for old boards to ride upon.

ciao for now,