Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Virtual Shopping

Fakiegrind's "No More Stuff Month" has been downgraded to a "Much Less Stuff Month". This morning I went out with every intention of looking for a job, but found myself at the thrift shop instead. Every serious thrifter knows that first thing in the morning is one of the best times to find treasures, and there was a host of shoppers hanging around, waiting for the attendants to come out of the back room with their great rolling carts full of new junk.

Happily, I thought to bring the Fakiegrind Spycam with me, so instead of shopping for items, I was actually hunting pictures, as these take up far less space in our already crowded quarters.

This morning brought in several typewriters, beautiful to behold:



I was tempted to purchase this plastic battering ram:


But I held myself back. Then I made it to the record section:

This is where it all goes down.

I broke my resolution to buy No More Stuff, when I saw this irresistible disk:

(Meco:Encounters of Every Kind)

It proved to be a good buy. I was down in the lab this very afternoon, mixing it up on the Wheels of Steeltown, and testing the limits of my record stylus.

Man, but it's hot tonight. Hope I didn't incur any divine wrath with my church lurking. Can't a guy speak his mind anymore without bringing on a heat wave? We'll figure all these things out, one of these days.

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