Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stealing Nothing

For some reason we have started getting premium cable service (though we don't even pay for regular). This means we are getting seventy or so stations rather than the ten we used to receive. At the same time, the remote control is lost, so we spend all our time manually flipping through the programming wastelands, hoping to stumble upon something worth watching. My housemate likes the home reno station. Now, not only do we have endless renoavtions going on on the house, we can watch about it on TV as well! I just hide in my basement laboratory.


Michael said...

Oh my God! Let me tell you, it was a good thing we turned off our satellite, because if I had to sit through one more episode of While You Were Out or Trading Spaces, I would of hung myself.

So you have an idea of how much of a fanatic my wife was over those shows see her last blog entry before she quit blogging.

flatlander said...

I wonder what will ultimately happen to all of the abandoned blogs. Will anyone care enough to collect and store them? They contain a great deal of social history, like the letters of yor.

Just when I thought I had developed psycic calluses against the idiot box, we have been flooded by all these new, aggressive channels! At least we have a very small screen TV.

Did you catch one of the recent episodes of the new Dr. Who where they arrive at a satellite broadcast station only to find that something has gone terribly wrong and the people who are voted off of all the reality TV shows are being disintegrated? It was far out.

Michael said...

Dr Who?
Is that a Canadian show?
I have never heard of it.
The only Canadian shows we get around here are the Tom Green Show, though it not much of a Canadian show since he sold out to MTV and Degrassi High.

Funny you mention blogs that people gave up. My wife being one of them, I have read a few that were really great.

Another one to check which no longer gets updated, but is still a good read is

He is a published author, whom I got to have dinner with. He wrote a cool book about community within the Christian Culture called The Search to Belong.

flatlander said...

Dr. Who is a British show about a time traveller. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I like it.