Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rockin' the Box

Inaugurated the new grinder box at the Bease park tonight. Last year's box was destroyed by the elements, and the elemental action of the skateboarders wearing away at the wood and steel like the waves of some wheeled ocean. The new box is identical to the old one: about two feet high and twelve feet long. Maybe I have the dimensions wrong, but it's high--almost too high for this flatlander. But I managed a few grinds along the metal edging, laid down a few boardslides, and my trademark no-comply tail-slide. It's all good training for skatecamp. I signed up for all five days at the end of the month. That means I have three weeks for training. Computer is busy tonight. Gotta go.


Michael said...

My wife and I were at the coast last weekend, and there is a skate park in Morro Bay, which was right next to the bay its self. I was going to take a pic of it and send it to you, but the camera was left back at the condo and the following day, I dropped the camera in the ocean. So I was not able to go back and get a pic of the park for you.

Have you happen to pick up that book You Shall Know Our Velcity?

flatlander said...

I looked for it, but the library copy of the Velocity book was out. I'm currently reading an interesting history of the turntable.

Sorry about your camera. It's kind of a round trip: fish learn to breath, live on land, make cameras, then drop the technology back into the ocean.

Thank you for the thought though. Someday I'll come visit the west coast, with all its skateparks, and we can meet up for a drink or something.

Michael said...

In regards to the book, I am really interested in hearing what you would think of it.

If you came to the West Coast, Superfriends and I would give you a warm welcoming with plenty of good ales.

You should really consider coming to the states. We could help make it cheap for you by telling you the best in value places to stay. Not that there is much to do in the city I live in, but you could always crash with us on your way to San Francisco or LA.

flatlander said...

Thanks for the invite! Who knows what Fakiegrind roadtrips might be in order once skate camp is over? I've always wanted to see Cali, and it's always nice to meet some friendly faces when travelling.