Saturday, July 30, 2005

Return to Bladzig Revisited

Not entirely surprisingly, last week's Return to Bladzig Challenge! Challenge! got absolutely no responses. Not one brave soul stepped forward to supply a punchline to the two cryptic pannels of Blikdom. Maybe we need better prizes; appearing on the Fakiegrind comments page just isn't enough for some people. Even though you don't deserve it, here is the complete cartoon in all its puzzling glory.



ANONYMOUS 1 said...

Sorry but I really don't understand this type of humour or thought - too mind confined I guess! Simple humour and life stories seem to be more real to me than philosiphy. We all have to march to our own drummer!

Michael said...

Maybe the Adjuster could help with this one?

BLARG! said...

Unfortunately--or perhaps thankfully--the deep spiritual meaning of Return to Bladzig is impossible to translate into any other terms than those presented.

I guess it has something to do with giving expression to the secret desire that some of us hold to exclaim phrases such as, THE REGENERATION IS UPON US!