Sunday, June 26, 2005


My skateboard deck is almost worn out. I'm surprised it lasted this long, since it developed a deep crack along one side on my second outing: more flex to fend off shipwrecks, I guess. What's worse are the fissures no doubt developing in my skeletal system. On the one hand, I'm in better physical shape than I've been since my teens; on the other, I'm not sure that my joints can keep up with the stress put on them by my rippling new muscles.

At least the injuries are well distributed: sprained left ankle, bruised heel and overextended toe, but the right foot seems fine. My right wrist has been sore for months--it's the fall guy, and I should wear some sort of wrist guard. My knees are just plain tired, and I tweaked a hip a few weeks ago, but it seems to have healed.

When the weather gets hot, my joints swell and feel worse. If it cools off I might be good to go again. The nice thing about riding an almost dead board is you don't worry about wrecking it, so you can try new tricks without caring about all the new splinters you're producing. Having the tail worn down makes the board easier to flip as well, but landing is more difficult because there is less slab on which to land.

I've been more worried than ever about seriously injuring myself. Everywhere I go I see people with crutches, splints and casts, in wheelchairs, on electric scooters. Yesterday I came across a fellow who had fallen off his bike and, apparently, broken his knee. It was all misshapen and sticking out at a strange angle. Gone is the illusion of invulnerability of youth. Hello to the gradual dissolusion of middle age.

Part of me wants to quit now, while I'm ahead. But I know that if I'm destined for decripitude (or worse), it can happen any number of ways, so I might as well keep skating. That being said, lately I've been enjoying the down time time as much as the rolling around time. A short vacation is definitly in order, but I'll be back at it again eventually. Skating is a habit more persistent than zombie infestation; I could try burying my skateboard in the morning, but come evening I'd be out there with a shovel and an eldritch spell for raising the dead.


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