Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kicks for Tricks

Here's a little story I'd like to tell
about how my running shoes all go to hell
It started back in school with the skateboard craze
Since then it seems my sneakers only last a few days
I've spent a pretty penny just to keep my feet shod
in leather rubber Naughahyde; they all get the nod
It seems that anything I try is bound to fall short
within a week or two I have to file a report
My shoes self destruct when I'm just getting down
As soon as they're comfortable for skating around
the sole is coming off or there's holes in the side,
the toe is wearing out and the laces have died
I've become an expert at home shoe repair,
buffering the weak spots with Shoe-goo and care
patching up the leather, replacing the heel;
sometimes it's kind of tricky to get a good feel
But no footwear is perfect, though some outperform
my jaded expectations and alter the norm
It seems the no-name shoes work as well as the brands;
they're all made overseas by underpaid hands
and sold to suburban kids with money to spare
Myself, I'm seldom anxious for the cloths that I wear
Function over form is the way that I dress
And if my shoes aren't trendy then I counldn't care less


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