Saturday, May 28, 2005


I dream that I am in a large, Victorian mansion. there is a party going on and I am wandering the rooms. a young girl singles me out--she can't be more than seventeen or eighteen--and leads me into a large, vaulted chapel. she urgently wants to find a place where we can be alone. I point out four tombs in the floor of shrine; they are decorated by long markers, the size of graves, set parallel to one another but at an odd angle to the dimensions of the room, as if pointing in a certain direction like a compass. the girl is not interested in the tombs. she leads me up to a landing overlooking the shrine, where there are curtains surrounding a bed. we undress, but I am nervous. someone is coming--the minister! the girl doesn't care, but I start to scramble for my clothing. any moment now the minister will find our hiding spot. then another voice sounds out from the shrine below. a young woman is sitting on a chair and she says, "those curtains are translucent, and people can see in from the street." this is enough to frighten the girl into letting me go. later, I am talking with the woman who called out of the shrine, thanking her for saving me. she is also young, but clearly more sensible than the wanton, seductive teenager. there are a few other people around now too. then the minister shows up with some political pamphlets for us to read. there is an election on and he wants us to vote for the right candidate.

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