Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Sith Revisited


I saw Revenge of the Sith again yesterday, and enjoyed it immensely. Then I stayed up all night writing an essay in which the Jedi got trashed, and that, too, was enjoyable in a way. But today, for the sake of brevity, I've removed the piece from the blog. Someone is sure to write a book or two on the same topics sometime in the near future. Until that happens, for those who caught the essay before it disappeared, remember you heard it from Fakiegrind first.

Fakie note: due to popular demand, the essay can still be read at Fake Key Grind.


em said...

I was set to give you a bonus life for seamless use of the word "maudlin" in a sentence.

As in, "He was maudlin his new black robes, but Amidala didn't noSith."

the sithstionian institute said...

Ha ha! Very puny. Maybe I'll post the essay on the Fakiegrind sister site...anything to knock off a few lifetimes in Hell!

I was thinking of pitching my book idea to Time/Warner first though.