Friday, May 06, 2005


The Fakiegrind skateboard mojo just wasn't flowing today at the Beasley skatepark--or "stuntpark" as Michael, the neighbour's kid likes to call it. It was a beautiful day though, once the wind shifted and started pushing the smelter fumes somewhere over Lake Ontario. The Bease was too crowded; between all the boarders, the BMXers, and a couple of kids on scooters. Getting taken-out by a dude on a bike is bad enough, but getting flattened by a kid on a scooter is The Worst. It must be this way for professionals, only amplified: sometimes it flows, the scene is good, and you never want it to end; other times you wonder why you bothered showing up. The thing is, if you didn't persevere and push on through the lame times, who knows whether the good times would be as good as they are? I landed one trick for the first time today, and attempted a couple of other brand new ones. My board is about to snap in half, but that's ok; it's just a board, and I'm just a goofy old skateboarder trying to keep it rolling and dodge the scooterkids.

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